Jingshen railway

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The Jingshen Railway starts from Jingbian North Station in the south, connects with the Menghua Railway, and ends at Shenmuxi Station in the north, connects with the Baoxi Railway and connects with the Hongning Railway. The design main line has a total length of 232.68 kilometers, the design standard is the national first-class electrified railway, the construction period is 3 years, and the Menghua Railway was completed simultaneously. The Jingshen Railway runs through the Yulin Energy and Chemical Base, serving the three major mining areas of Shenfu, Yushen and Yuheng and the two major industrial parks of Shenfu and Yushen. Reserve access conditions for coal mines and chemical companies along the line. After the completion of this railway, it will be of great significance to strengthen the transportation of coal from the north to the south, ensure national energy security, and promote the construction of energy and chemical bases in northern Shaanxi and regional economic development.

Application areas: slope protection, underground water trench, sandy roadbed