Beijing-Tibet Expressway-Ningxia Section

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Reconstruction and expansion project of Shizuishan to Zhongning section of Beijing-Tibet Expressway. Starting at Shizuishan (Mengning boundary), connecting with the Inner Mongolia section of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, ending at Taoshankou in Zhongning County, connecting the section from Taoshankou to Haojiaji (Ningganjie) of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway and the section from Guyuan to Taoshankou of the Fuyin Expressway , A total length of 284.649 kilometers. The starting point of the project to the interchange section of the Sishilidian South Hub, and the refurbishment and expansion of the Yongning Wangyuan Junction to Gunquan section adopts eight-lane expressway standards, and the roadbed is widened to 41 meters; the newly built Sishilidian South Hub interchanges to Yongningwang The far hub interchange section (Yinchuan transit section) adopts the eight-lane expressway standard with a roadbed width of 41 meters; the section from Gunquan to Taoshankou adopts a six-lane expressway with a roadbed width of 33.5 meters.

Application field: splicing new and old roadbeds